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The banquet hall can accommodate 550 people, and the conference center can accommodate 350 people and can be separated into seven small meeting rooms. The meeting rooms equipped with advanced conference facilities and equipment can meet the needs of different guests. Whether it is a small business meeting or a banquet party, it can give you an uparalleled experience.

Conference Center

Area: 398 m2

  • - Can accommodate up to 300 people
  • - Suitable for various forms of meetings
Maya Hall

Area: 127 m2

  • - Can accommodate up to 60 people
  • - Suitable for small meetings
Banquet/Conference roomArea (㎡)TheatreClassroomBanquetHollow SquareU-shape
Cactus Ballroom500/400//
Cactus A180/150/60
Cactus B130/120/40
Cactus C130/120/40
Maya Room75/54/35
Cacique Room////20
Conference Center360/260//
Concference A240/150/120
Concference B40/24/12
Concference C40/24/12
Concference D40/24/12
Concference B + C80/48/40
Concference B + C + D120/72/50