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1 Franchise Operations

The franchise module is more suitable for owners who want to manage properties by themselves, but who still want to use Gloria Hotels & Resorts’ distinct corporate identity, strong brand awareness and adhere to our high standards of international hotel management.

In order to help owners steer towards success, Gloria Hotels & Resorts (the ‘franchisor’) lends the proprietary business trademarks, management policies and standards to the ‘franchisee’ (the hotel owner/s), who manages the day-to-day business of the hotel.

However, Gloria Hotels & Resorts conducts regular hotel audits as part of the franchise agreement to ensure the franchised hotel is complying with its policies and standards of operations.

Overall, the franchise module requires a more ‘hands-on’ approach by the franchisee (the owner). Gloria Hotels & Resorts nonetheless fully integrates its franchised hotels into its strong sales and marketing structure and does not distinguish between managed and franchised hotels when it comes to facilitating a global market reach.

2 Full Management

This module targets owners and developers who want to entrust their hotel’s complete management into the hands of Gloria Hotels & Resorts’ experienced hotel managers.

Our professional management services range from finance management, sales & marketing and human resource management to operation management and IT support.

We have a track record of two decades of developing and managing dozens of 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts across China.

This makes full management by Gloria Hotels & Resorts an attractive option for owners and developers who are looking to leave the day-to-day management of their project in the capable hands of seasoned hoteliers.

3 Affiliate Member Program

This module is attractive for already existing, stand-alone and owner-operated hotels.

Gloria Hotels & Resorts provides assistance and support in aspects of sales and marketing in order to enhance its Affiliate Members’ access to global marketing channels.

Our Affiliate Members are entitled to a series of benefits without losing their hotel’s own identity or having to change their hotel’s name.

These benefits include access to all our reservation channels and strong support in market development in order to widen the hotel’s customer base.

In addition, we give our Affiliate Members access to all of our regional Sales and Reservation offices (SROs) in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong as well as the support of our European General Sales Agency, which is located in Germany.

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