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Terms and Conditions

1.Only individuals are eligible for membership, and each individual may maintain only one account. Corporates, associations or groups are ineligible for this right.

2.In any cases of dispute on the reward points, Gloria Hotels & Resorts’ final decision will be based on the check-out record from the hotel concerned. Gloria Hotels & Resorts will not provide points adjustment to the disputed record which exceeds 2 years.

3.Gloria Rewards Program has no pre-determined termination date. Gloria Hotels & Resorts has the right to terminate the program by providing written notice to its members six months in advance. In that event, the right to earn points and miles and redeem rewards may end six months after notification. Moreover, the program structure is subject to supplement, modification and cancellation at Gloria Hotels & Resorts’ discretion. Gloria Hotels & Resorts and their collaborate partners have the right to withdraw or limit the redeem services at any time with or without notice.

4.The member consents to Gloria Hotels and Resorts use of any personal supplied data in connection with participating hotels and other cooperative partners for marketing purpose.

(***Gloria Rewards Program members’ private information is safely maintained in Gloria Hotels and Resorts database. Members are responsible for ensuring the factuality of personal information, and explicitly consent to the use of personal information by Gloria Hotels and Resorts and its subsidiaries, affiliations, franchisees and authorized operation third parties for the purposes of guest service improvement and marketing promotion.)

5.Gloria Hotels and Resorts has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Gloria Rewards Program. All program terms and conditions shall prevail as published on the official website

6.Gloria Rewards Program is governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.



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